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Published by the Greater Bay Area Handle With Care Packaging Stores

Help With Your Fulfillment Needs

The California Handle With Care Packaging Stores havedeveloped great relationships with many clients over the last 15 years. Many of those clients utilize out Fulfillment Services to help them meet their customer's delivery needs.

HWCPS fulfillment services allow a customer to outsource operational tasks like warehousing, inventory, receiving, packing, and shipping that are time consuming, non-core elements of their businesses. Our customers reduce operational costs and receive timely support service from their HWCPS partners.

Best yet, Customized Services have been developed for our customers to meet their individual needs. Customization means their HWCPS partner molds the service around their specific requirements, often adding services that the customer themselves could not provide cost effectively. Hours of operation, types of delivery options, inventory reports, multiple shipping or receiving points, a flexible labor pool, and recycling materials are just a few areas that your HWCPS can flex to meet your needs

A South Bay Artists that mass produces his work in print form, simply faxes his order to the HWCPS San Jose warehouse as they come in. His stock of prints is received inventoried, securely stored in a climate controlled area, prepared for shipment when he faxes orders. placed in sturdy tubes with appropriate materials, and sent out for delivery per his instructions. He doesn't need a warehouse, or labor, or racks. He doesn't tie up operating funds on inventory, or stand in line at the post office, or have to wait around for the transport firm to arrive at his home or other place of business to pickup. He even has a later cutoff time for pickups, allowing him to get last minute orders out the same day since his HWCPS partner will run the late orders to the transportation vendors airport facility, which has the latest possible cutoff.

A famous home run hitter and his godfather use our San Francisco warehouse to keep their stock of collectibles ready for their fans. Barry Bonds and Willie Mays arrange for signature times to come to the warehouse to autograph the balls, jerseys, pictures, posters and bats that they offer via the web. These items are kept in a secured vault to insure authenticity, and then shipped out when the orders are processed.

HWCPS help small business owners save money, too. There's no need to rent a costly storage space with limited access hours, security issues, and insurance issues. There is also no need to waste time running back and forth to get packing supplies, prep and pack orders, and then deal with lines at the Post office or early cutoffs by small parcel carriers. Team up with your local HWCPS and let them be your fulfillment support center!


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